Jojoba & Vitamin Booster

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Jojoba & Vitamin Booster

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Reprogram Skin with Vitamins & Phytolipids!

For slightly to extremely dehydrated, flaky, scaly, lipid-poor, mature skin.  Revitalizes dry skin for long-lasting softness and immediate comfort. Decreases dehydrated surface lines with time. Contains Jojoba and Vitamin Lipid Boosters which bathe the skin cells in an exclusive blend of Sunflower, Kukui, Evening of Primrose and other barrier-repair plant oils. Contains Vitamins A, C, D and E which stabilize the skin cells. Revitalizes dry skin for long-lasting softness and immediate comfort.

Skin Condition: Slightly to extremely dehydrated, flakey | Scaly | Lipid-poor | Hormonal | Mature Exposure to moisture-dry climates | Dull, tired, devitalized | Lacking surface flexibility Skin treated by steam, paraffin masques or collagen blankets | Surface lines



• Revitalizes for fresher-looking, more radiant skin immediately

• Supercharges cremes, masques & other complexes

• Eliminates dehydrated surface lines with time

• New lines form more slowly – if at all

• Instantly customizes treatments in the palm of your hand

• Adapts skincare routine as skin’s needs change

• Reprograms dry skin for long-lasting softness and immediate comfort



Instantly customize treatments in the palm of your hand – super-charge masques, moisturizers and other PowerPlexes in moments | A blend of natural plant lipids helps direct repair skin’s natural barrier and reprograms dry skin for long-lasting softness and immediate comfort Jojoba & Vitamin Lipid Booster bathes skin cells in exclusive blend of hybrid Sunflower, Kukui, Evening Primrose, Borage and other barrier-repair plant oils; Vitamins A, C, D & E; and calming essential oils of Lavandin, Petitgrain, Amyris and blue Azulene from Roman Chamomile. This highly versatile oil lets your clients adapt their skin care system as their skin changes. Unlike other lipid-rich nutrient oils, Jojoba & Vitamin Lipid Booster is stable and rancid-free for at least 4 years.

Home Care: AM/PM: For added lubrication and protection from dryness, enrich any with gel, lotion, crème or masque with ½-1 pump oil, or apply directly to skin. Can also use periodically, such as in dry weather or other occassions when skin feels dry, looks dull or devitalized.

 As an extra-strength, skin restoring night treatment for exceptional softness, liberally massage Nutriment Blue Oil directly over skin at least 15 minutes before bedtime. This treatment is not recommended for skin with easily-clogged pores.

Notice: What works best for you can vary depending on your skin type and conditions.