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MD Sun Protection

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MD Performance's best selling skin care product! The ultimate SPF sun protection product with cosmetically elegant sun protection which contains titanium dioxide + zinc oxide + plus antioxidants. Provides sun protection without a “pasty white” appearance.     Fragrance-free, silicone based formula with a silky matte-finish, for all skin types including sensitive, rosacea and acne prone. Protects from sun and leaves your skin feeling great! 

MD Sun Protection is 100% fragrance-free and preservative-free. It contains microencapsulated Melanin, Vitamin C, E and Ferulic acid ester for enhanced anti-oxidant protection.   This is an emollient silicone elastomer vehicle containing 6% Petrolatum and Barrier Repair Lipids.This is the ideal, daily facial photoprotection for patients with dry skin. Sheer tint – comes out brown but rubs in clear! Once you try this sun block, you will never want to use a different brand!

Notice: What works best for you can vary depending on your skin type and conditions.